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How are laser effects produced | What makes laser light different | Common laser types & wavelengths | How the eye responds to colours | Tips for designing audience scanned shows
Everywhere audience scans, it must be safe
| Is it safe to scan audiences | The need to assess shows | Measuring scanned emmissions | Scanguard Software
Does faster scanning make audience scanning safer
| Benner laser safety artical | Biological effects on the eye | Amsler grid - vision test | Other risks associated with lasers
Hazard & risk - the difference
| MPE, Irradiance, Divergence - the meaning | Laser classification | Laser beam profiles | Reflections | Laser safety standards | Single fault condition
Manufacturing requirements
| Scan fail devices | High & low inertia scan devices | Typical install considerations | MPE | Divergence effect on spot size over distance
Divergence - effect on power density | Laser safety googles | Using lasers outdoors | Useful links
| Laser Systems | Venue Owner | Laser Components | FAQ | HSG95

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