Laser Show Safety


If you're involved with lasers that are used for shows or displays this site contains important information regarding laser safety.

What risks are associated with Lasers?
Lasers use coherent light which has very different properties to a standard lighting effect.
This is what makes lasers one of the most beautiful forms of light, but also one of the most dangerous light sources if when not
used with proper cautions ...

The following pages give you a good introduction:

Are you purchasing a complete ready to use laser system? - top safety issues to check for.


Are you a promoter or a venue owner? - what to look for in a laser company

Are you thinking of buying components to build your own laser system? - what your system has to include
Laser-FAQ Frequently asked questions - your questions answered
laser-display-safety-training Laser safety training - 1 day course details : Late spring / summer 2019
This course also meets the requirements of the ILDA PRO Accreditation scheme, where successful completion of the exam can be used to support applying for ILDA Pro Laser Company status.
Laser-safety-Apps A selection of Laser Safety Apps for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices

Please click here to check for a Registered Laser Safety Operator

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